Bookshop Launch and My Top 19 of ’19

If you missed my top 19 books of 2019 on my Instagram, you have another chance to go through the list and see what books most captivated me this last year. I’ve opened up an affiliate shop at Bookshop, which is the independent bookstore answer to online retail. Most of the profits go back to independent bookstores, and for bloggers and other “influencers” like me (am I an influencer??), I receive a small commission on anything you purchase through my page. This is an exciting new development in the fight against mega-retailers like Amazon, so if you aren’t able to visit a local bookstore in person, check out this option instead!

To celebrate, I’ve created a page just for my top 2019 recommendations. The full reviews are still on Instagram, but each book has custom annotations I wrote to give you a sense for what the book is like if you haven’t read my reviews. Check it out at this link and enjoy!

If you would prefer to support me with a direct contribution, I also have a Patreon page where you can pledge monthly support and a Ko-Fi where you can leave me a one-time tip. Thanks for reading!

The direct links to the books are listed below: