I Have A Patreon!

Today I have a quick update for you guys: I started a Patreon page! For a limited time (until August 13th, 2019) everyone who pledges at least $1 will get a critique of the first five pages of their manuscript.

My Patreon is going to feature short stories, writing advice, book reviews, and more. All Patrons get early access to my blog posts and other writing. At higher tiers, you can get personalized book recommendations and one-on-one writing advice and critique (I also make a great cheerleader, if you need one!)

As a bookseller, I am extremely fortunate to have decent wages and benefits at my workplace, but the rising cost of living has been a huge strain. I want to be able to keep doing what I love and to stay involved in the world of books for the foreseeable future. Your patronage would help me stay on this path. Any and all support is appreciated!

Thank you!