It’s Not a “Them” Problem

It’s hard to find the words.

Early this morning, 50 people were murdered at a club in Orlando, Florida. I didn’t know them, but it doesn’t feel like a stranger’s tragedy. They were my family, my lovers, my friends, my community. I am an accident of birth away from being one of the victims.

Maybe because it hits so close, my stomach turns at each new disgusting tweet or Facebook post from people falling over themselves to place the blame for this violence on Muslims. As if our “Christian nation” would never conceive of such an act.

You can go fuck yourself.

You have spent decades seeding your hatred and bigotry through our culture and politics. You called for the extermination of the LGBT community, fought for pro-discrimination laws, made us targets of bombings during the battle over harmful bathroom laws, driven us to suicide through conversion therapy, or left hundreds of thousands of children to starve on the street because Billy Graham told them a dead kid was better than a gay kid.

Did you think we just forgot?

I will not stand by while you turn that same hatred and violence against others. Muslims didn’t do this. You did this.