The other kind of flame war.

I have to apologize again for the lack of content. There are a few reasons: most of what I’ve been reading lately are ARCs for upcoming titles, not a lot of books have inspired me enough to review them one way or another, I’ve been picking up extra shifts at work, and — most dramatically — I just spent the weekend stuck in a hotel because of a fire in my apartment building!

This is fine.

Pro tip: if you’re running out the door, leave it open. The firefighters can and will break it down if you don’t.

As of today, I am back home and getting settled. No one was hurt and the damage to the building was minor, so they let us back fairly quickly. I’m exhausted. A cleaning crew of angels scrubbed the entire place while I was gone, so fortunately all I have left to do is laundry, but my altered sleep schedule and the anxiety of having been almost literally set on fire have been draining.

Everyone has been so supportive and kind, though, and that warms my heart. I couldn’t ask for better coworkers and friends.

However, I do have some things planned! May is a big month for book releases and I have several reviews already queued up. I’m planning a write-up of a few late April titles, too (The Lie Tree, mainly) and soon I’ll have my hands on a copy of the much-anticipated conclusion to Maggie Stiefvater’s hit Raven Cycle series, The Raven King.

Stay tuned!